Blizzard Bags 2/7

English 4 – complete Canterbury poem and submit to by 2:00 today 2/7 , please bring a hardcopy of the finished poem and rough draft to class Monday 2/10. Finish exercises 1-5 in units 1-4 in vocabulary workbook to turn in on Monday 2/10. Watch The Merchant’s tale and the pardoner’s tale and complete story details on your packet (extra copies under canterbury tales tab under English 4 tab).  Links below:
Merchant’s tale
Pardoner’s Tale
Honors English 3 – Complete vocabulary workbooks units 1-4 exercises 1-5 and turn in on Monday 2/10.
Watch video link to video on Prohibition and Gangsters from link below:
After the video, in a one page hand written response, reflex on how Thoreau, Emerson, or Whitman would have reacted to the 1920’s based upon their writings and teachings: Self-Reliance, Walden, I Sit Watching/Leaves of Grass. You may choose to reflect upon one author or all three. Be sure to explain how the activities in the 1920’s either illustrate the author’s ideas about America or further perpetuate what they see to be what plagues America. Be sure it is legible. Lastly, search for images of gangsters, political protest, prohibition, movie stars or political figures from 1900-1940. Print picture and have on hand for class on Monday 2/10.
Have a safe and happy weekend. Stay warm and as always make wise decisions.