CP English 4

English 4 Syllabus                                              Brust A117         
**The following details the literature and materials we will be covering this semester. The time we spend on various subjects will depend on class proficiency and is subject to change to best-fit instruction and skill mastery.
August – September                                          
Comparative analysis – Kamkwamba
Summer reading essays
Kite Runner
Scholarship essay
Sample applications
Anglo-Saxon poetry
History of the epics
The Seafarer
Beowulf – Seamus Heaney
Epic Poem
Medieval literature
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Selection of poetry by Armitage
General Prologue
History and training of a Knight
Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Canterbury Poem – iambic pentameter
Original Tale
September – October
History of Elizabethan theatre
Shakespeare – prose, iambic pentameter
Romantic period
History of Mary Shelley
Elements in Romantic/Gothic literature presentations
Frankenstein – Mary Shelley
Young Frankenstein
November – December
Age of Change to Modern Day
Excerpt from Gulliver’s Travels
Into the Wild
Observation Journals
Contemporary issue Debate
Annotated Bibliography
Finals – Portfolio
**You will need to Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer
I do have several copies to lend out that will be on a first come first serve basis. You may ask me during homeroom or after school or you may email me (annie.brust@kenstonapps.org).
***Vocabulary units every week, quizzes on Mondays (or next day of the week on holidays/teacher in-service days)
Workbooks will be collected and graded every four units. Journals will be completed every day and collected at progress and the end of the grading period.
****Important dates: 
8/24 Open House
9/1-9/5 No School Labor day
9/14 PT Conferences/College night
9/20 Homecoming parade
9/21 Homecoming game
9/22 Homecoming Dance
10/13 End of 1st  grading period
10/16 No classes –  Prof Development   
11/22-11/26 Thanksgiving Break
12/20 End of 2nd  grading period
12/19-12/20 Final Exams
12/20 Winter Break begins