annotated bibliography and proposal samples

Debate Topic ____________________________________              date
Platform ________________________________________
Name __________________________________________
Stand __________________________________________
You and your partner are responsible for arguing each side of the issue assigned to your group. One argues for and the other argues against the issue.  You will need to compose a documented argument. The presentation will be in a debate format:

  • Each person will be given 3 minutes to prove his or her points and a 2-minute rebuttal following initial argument.
    • You may prove your argument and refute the opposition.
    • You must cite at least 3 formal references in your discussion
    • Be sure to use credible references in your discussion to substantiate your argument (According to Dr. Theodore Basil. . .)
    • Google and Wikipedia are not credible sources
    • You grade will be based upon the effectiveness of your content and argument as well as how you present yourself.
    • You will be allowed five detailed note cards that need to be turned in at the end of the debate.

You may not read your argument from your notes – your must have works cited to turn in to receive credit – turn in notes page and works cited. You may however use note cards to help prompt your discussion and to serve as cues for your argument.
Length of debate __________________________________________
Is argument clearly stated? __________________________________
Key points state to support your claim:
Address and refute the opposing side? _______________________________________________________________________
Speaks audibly and clearly:
Uses proper sources and refrains from slander/non-credible sources?
Overall discussion _______________________________________________________________________
Rebuttal ______________________________________________________________
Grade: _________________
Annotated Bibliography                                 Name:
English 4                                                         Due:
Written Assignment: Create an annotated bibliography and proposal documenting all of your sources to establish credibility for your debate and the position/or your stand on the issue. You must create your own bibliography arguing your position separate from your debate partner.

  1. Annotated Bibliography – create and annotate sources. They must include the following:
  • 5 credible sources from EBSCO Host, Gale group or database (Wikipedia is not a credible source, do not Google these subjects because you will obtain inaccurate material and way too broad research – you need actual articles and verifiable/credible research)
  • cite each source according to MLA – be sure to put them in alphabetical order (see example below) the entire document should be double-spaced with MLA heading and right hand margin page numbers (last name 1)
  • For each source, you need to cite the source and give a concise paragraph summary of the content of the article. If you state specific details, statistics or phrases from the article cite parenthetically (#).
  • After the paragraph summary on each citation, give a sentence reflection on how the article pertains to your argument.
  • Be sure to edit, check spelling, grammar and all type should be in MLA format – 12pt. Times New Roman and double-spaced (including the heading).
  • You will turn in a hardcopy of all documents to me prior to your speech
  • Please do not hesitate to ask questions – I will help you! **Hint – citations = double-spaced explanation/summary = single spaced
  1. Proposal – create a 250 – 450 word proposal detailing the key elements to your argument.
  • Create a thorough single–spaced **although the citations should be double-spaced** proposal of your argument highlighting the key points of your argument and reasons that support your argument. The paper should not exceed 450 words.
  • Your proposal should state your argument, refute the opposition, and address changes that need to be made and possible solutions to the problem.
  • Be sure to parenthetically site sources you use for reference.
  • Be sure to check spelling, grammar, mechanics and format.
  • The proposal should mimic what you plan to present in your argument/debate in front of the class.

All work is due ______________________________________________
****All work must be cited otherwise you will receive a “0” for the assignment. No exceptions
Proposal __________/50
Annotated Bibliography ________/100
Sample Bibliography – all citations must be in alphabetical order***There only two examples you are responsible for five!
Proposal Topic: The concept of the Victorian femme fatale in Madame Beck as compared the emergence of the New Woman in Lucy Snow (as a precursor to the New Woman) serves as an illustration of unrest among Victorian women in literature and society. In attempts to define the modern woman, research shows that the industrial revolution contributed to the prevalence of women in the workplace. With their new found freedom in having employment, women gained a sense of purpose and direction outside the domestic sphere (Caird 1602). Some would argue that women contributed very little to the Victorian era and were still repressed by the dominant patriarchy but Lucy Snow from Villette provides definitive evidence to the contrary (Eliot 1139). Her ambition as a school teacher paired with Queen Victoria as monarch, paved the way for the modern woman. (Other possible connections: Dorothea, Middlemarch and Miss Wade and possibly Fanny, in Little Dorrit)
Annotated Bibliography
Caird, Mona.  “From Marriage.” The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Victorian Age. 8th Edition. Stephen Greenbladt and M.H. Abrams, et. al. W. W. Norton & Co., 2006. 1602-1605. Print.
Caird begins by denouncing marriage in its current terms (1888) and suggests, “ideal marriage, despite all dangers and difficulties, should be free” (1602). She continues to discuss that the trend of marriage for women at the time focused primarily on financial stability and economic need to survive. She suggests changing this philosophy by educating men and women on gender roles, which would gradually change society’s views on marriage and each other. In doing so, all would prosper, divorce rates would go down and society as a whole would become more enlightened.
Caird’s views and theories on marriage contribute to the idea of the New Woman and the move away from marital dependence for the Victorian woman.
Eliot, George. “Margaret Fuller and Mary Wollstencraft.” The Norton Anthology of  English Literature: The
Victorian Age. Eigth Edition, Stephen Greenbladt and M.H. Abrams, et. Al.W. W. Norton & Co., 2006.          1337-1342. Print.
Eliot compares Margaret Fuller’s discussion on Women in the Nineteenth Century as compared to Mary Wollstonecraft’s Rights of Women. She contrasts that despite the difference of nearly eighty years between the two writings the sentiments seem to be the same that a woman should be able to have her own mind and it be considered valid and unselfish. Elliot also points out that despite the controversy surrounding Wollstonecraft; she seems to be the more pragmatic writer, focusing directly on the reality those women of the nineteenth century face as opposed to Fuller’s distinctly American approach that is more literary.
This piece establishes a female author’s perspective on women and marriage during the nineteenth century to add authority to my argument.