Canterbury Tales review

List of Characters:
The Knight
The Squire
The Yeoman
The Prioress
The Monk
The Friar
The Merchant
The Clerk
The Guildsmen
The Cook
The Sailor
The Physician
The Wife of Bath
The Parson
The Plowman
The Miller
The Manciple
The Reeve
The Summoner
The Pardoner
For each of the following statements from the General Prologue, write the name of the character being described. Some names may be used more than once, others not at all.
Double-check your spelling!
___________________ 1. For in his bag he had a pillowcase / The which, he said, was Our
True Lady’s (The Virgin Mary’s) veil
___________________ 2. As hot he was, and lecherous, as a sparrow; / With black
and scabby brows and scanty beard, / He had a face that little children feared.
___________________ 3. A sheaf of peacock arrows bright and keen / Under his
belt he bore right carefully / . . . His arrows had no draggled feathers low
___________________ 4. Her upper lip was always wiped so clean / That in her
cup was no iota seen / Of grease, when she had drunk her draught of wine.
___________________ 5. His bulging eyes he rolled about, and hot / They gleamed and red,
like fire beneath a pot; / His boots were soft; his horse of great estate.
___________________ 6. He had arranged full many a marriage / of young women,
and this at his own cost.
___________________ 7. Well could he manage granary and bin, / No auditor could ever on
him win. / He could foretell, by drought and by the rain, / The yielding of his seed and of
his grain.
___________________ 8.He’d thresh and dig, with never thought of self, / For Christ’s own
sake, for every poor wight [person] / All without pay, if it lay in his might.
___________________ 9. Her hose were of the choicest scarlet red, / Close gartered,
and her shoes were soft and new.
___________________ 10. Ready he was, with his apothecaries, / To send him drugs and all
electuaries; / By mutual aid much gold they’d always won–/ Their friendship was a
thing not new begun.
___________________ 11. Their gear was new and well adorned it was; / Their
weapons were not cheaply trimmed with brass, / But all with silver; chastely made and well / Their girdles and their pouches too, I tell.
__________________ 12. He cared not for that text a clean-plucked hen / Which
holds that hunters are not holy men
___________________ 13. Her nose was fine; her eyes were blue as glass; / Her mouth was
small and therewith soft and red;
___________________ 14. But certainly she had a fair forehead; / It was almost a full
span broad, I own, / For truth to tell, she was not undergrown.
___________________ 15. Of mortal battles he had fought fifteen, / And he’d fought
for our faith at Tramissene / And always won he sovereign fame for prize.
___________________ 16. Singing he was, or fluting, all the day; / He was as fresh as
is the month of May.
___________________ 17. So hot he loved that, while night told her tale, / He slept no
more than does a nightingale.
___________________ 18. she was known as Madam Eglantine
___________________ 19. In towns he knew the taverns, every one / And every good
host and each barmaid too–/ Better than begging lepers, these he knew.
___________________ 20. There was no one could say he was in debt, / So well he
governed all his trade affairs / With bargains and with borrowings and with shares.
___________________ 21. He had but little gold within his coffer; / But all that he
might borrow from a friend / On books and learning he would swiftly spend
___________________ 22. But very ill it was, it seemed to me, / That on his shin a
deadly sore had he; for sweet blanc-mange, he made it with the best.
___________________ 23. Full many a draught of wine he’d drawn, I trow, / Of
Bordeaux vintage, while the trader slept.
___________________ 24. He kept the gold he gained from pestilence. / For
gold in physic is a fine cordial, / And therefore loved the gold exceeding all.
___________________ 25. He was right loath to curse to get a tithe, / But rather
would he give, in case of doubt, / Unto those poor parishioners about, / Part of his income, even of his goods.
___________________ 26. He was a chunky fellow, broad of build; / He’d heave a door from
hinges if he willed, / Or break it through, by running, with his head.
___________________ 27. Upon the coping of his nose he had / A wart, and thereon
stood a tuft of hairs, / Red as the bristles in an old sow’s ears; / His nostrils they were black and
very wide.
___________________ 28. Of masters had he more than three times ten, / Who were in law
expert and curious
___________________ 29. Well loved he garlic, onions, aye and leeks, / And drinking
of strong wine as red as blood.
___________________ 30. [He] had hair as yellow as wax, / But lank it hung as does a
strike of flax; / In wisps hung down such locks as he’d on head, / And with them he his
shoulders overspread.