Canterbury Tales

English 4                                                         Name:
Canterbury Tales                                           date:
 Part 1: In class on Monday General Prologue – Complete the following assignments individually –

  • Preview/discuss the notes on medieval literature pg. 54-62.
  • Then read together the General Prologuefrom pg. 91 to 93 (stopping on line 34 on pg. 93).

 Complete the next part of this assignment in small groups (3 to 4 students):

  • Using a separate sheet of paper and divide into groups
  • Describe each character listed below in one to two sentences using the remainder of the poem (pg. 93-112) Hint: all characters are italicized and many of the characters will be ridiculous descriptions
  • Create modern day equivalent of each character and stereotype

The Knight                   The Squire                   The Yeoman                 The Prioress
The Monk                    The Friar                      The Merchant              The Clerk
The Guildsmen            The Cook                     The Sailor                    The Physician
The Wife of Bath         The Parson                   The Plowman               The Miller
The Manciple               The Reeve                   The Summoner            The Pardoner
 Part 2: Character poem – Stereotype/description

  • Your poem must be 15 lines in length detailing the description of your stereotyped character – focusing on looks (physical characteristics) personality traits and anything that makes them fit their stereotype.
  • Must be written in iambic pentameter (10 syllables of unstressed/stressed – each line must fit this formula).
  • Should be entertaining and legible, typed single-spaced 12pt font, MLA heading
  • Final copy is due at the end of class _________ at the end of class

 Part 3: Canterbury Tales – Short story/Tale

  • Each individual stories needs to fit into one of the four categories – beast fable, fabliau, exemplum or medieval romance (individual enlightenment).
  • Story needs to be told from your character’s perspective about another character in the group. This tale is not about your character – your character is telling the story.
  • It should focus on making light (poking fun) of those characters (stereotype) or exemplifying their characteristics (explain why they are commonly upstanding characters/people).
  • The tale begins by explaining why you are telling the story (the reason we formulated in class) as your opening and closing paragraph.
  • The tale should be complete and tell a good story – your character is trying to win a contest (maximum length 4 pages).
  • It must be typed, double-spaced, and 12 pt. font.

 Use your imagination and create a story like one you would tell around a campfire or imagine you are trying to outdo/one up your fellow classmates. Final stories are due ____________.