frankenstein lab journal rubric/checksheet

English 4                                                          Name:
Frankenstein Part 3 : Lab Journal/check-sheet        Due date: 4/9/14
Create a journal of your creation including notes, drawings, doodles, anatomical notes and a works cited of all your information.
Create a journal from Victor Frankenstein’s lab journal.  Include doodles, random thoughts, etc.   The journal needs to be ten pages of detailed notes and highly illustrated examples from the text as well as a at least two outside sources. It must detail the transformation from parts to creation.
Be sure to include dates, times, places, labels and identification for every piece of information contained in your journal. You should have at least three (3) direct references to the novel in your journal. Be sure to make it unique and neat; it should resemble a real scientist’s journal. You may recreate Frankenstein’s creation or create your own creation as long as you detail the the process from beginning to end. Your final page should be a detailed illustration of the creation, in its reanimate status. The last page should be your works cited. All work should be neat, legible and grammatically correct.
__________ 1. Cover page of Journal  – be sure to title your journal and it should resemble an actual cover. Put your MLA heading on the inside bottom lefthand corner.
__________ 2. Notes for creation – why you are creating the being, etc.
__________ 3 – 8. Notes – illustrations, instructions, chemical equations, details from the novel to support your evidence, doodles, identification of materials and notes.
__________  9. Illustration of final creation – full page, in color and labelled
__________ 10. Works Cited – be sure to cite images as well as definitions, content, etc.
__________ 11. Back cover – include check-sheet folded and paper-clipped onto the back cover.
You will be evaluated on the aesthetics and accuracy (believability) of your journal. Each page must be full of notes, illustrations, and in full color;  there should be no blank or white space left on the pages.
Aesthetics ______________/25
Content ______________/50

Notes (references to novel) ________________/25

Total    _________________________/100
****If you do not include references and a works cited your work will result in a “0.”