Othello essay

Othello Essay                                       Name:
English 4                                              Date due:
Create a well-developed analytical essay using the play as support for your essay. Be sure to fully and answer and support your essay using text and quotes (direct quotation) from the play to prove your point. Choose a topic based upon your interest that explores, “analyzes” an aspect of the play, a character or characters, or society as a reflection of literature and vice versa.
Your essay must include the following:

  • A complete evaluation – introduction, body and conclusion discussing which character is the true definition of ________________.
  • Adherence to MLA – heading, double-spaced (check before and after), 1 inch margins
  • Define concept ________________________________
  • Use a minimum of six (6) quotes to support your point – be sure to lead in and out of each quote
  • Use specific examples from the text
  • Choose the one story/character/theme to prove your point
  • Cite text, quotes and examples using in-text and/or parenthetical citations – MLA
  • Works Cited page – MLA
  • Be sure to use support to prove your theory/prompt

The final draft is due ________________  and must be submitted to turnitin.com
 Necessary citations:
Parker, Oliver dir. Othello.. Perf. Laurence Fishburn, Kenneth Branaugh and Irene Jacob.
Warner Brothers, 1995. Film.
Shakespeare, William. OthelloThe Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. Ed.
Michael Meyer. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2003. 1037-1117. Print.
***Be sure to double space you works cited page and paper. Be sure to cite sources in the text as well. Lack of citations and/or will result in a zero.
You will be graded on the following criteria:
Introduction                                                                 10 points
Definition of concept/thesis                                         10 points
Content –support/evidence/adherence to point           50 points
Quotes                                                                         20 points
Conclusion                                                                  10 points
One point will be subtracted for each grammatical/mechanical error.