Wilderness Observation Journal

Wilderness Reflection JournalName2
Wilderness Reflection Journal                                         Name:
English 4                                                                       due date: 12/7/12
Chronicle your experiences through a series of research and observations of your surroundings from different perspectives. You must create a written (typed) journal and poster/power point visual presentation.
ü     Must be at least 5 journal entries (each a full page in length)
ü     Each journal entry must be a different venue – may include a coffee house, a playground, a park, a restaurant, a mall/store, an office/classroom, a parking lot/public street, a grocery store, a sporting event and/or a home setting
ü     Record all of your observations in complete sentences. Photo document all venues. Each observation should be a full page of writing (double-spaced, times new roman) detailing the physical surroundings, people, activities, tone, your observations and how all of these concepts intermingle.
ü     Your paper should be a clear, concise and insightful writing in journal format including place, date and time as the heading for each piece.
ü     Each journal must be headed with time, date and place of observation
ü     Final paper should include a cover page using MLA format
ü     Be sure that all grammar and information is documented and accurate.
ü     Turn in a hard copy to me as well as a copy to turnitin.com
 Poster –poster board, power point, prezi (or other visual presentation layout)

  • Should be a collage of all venues and people/places observed
  • Should explain the perspective of your discussion in pictures
  • Each picture needs to be clearly labeled with date, place and time (and subject if accurate)
  • Should be neat, clean, appropriate and aesthetically interesting/evocative
  • Must turn in a hard copy and present to class
  • Clearly state your name and project title

All work is due on _________ at the beginning of class. This is an individual assignment. Be sure to record all data and report information from your perspective – personal observations and pronouns are acceptable and encouraged in this assignment. All observations must be completed on your own time. ***Be sure to turn in this rubric with your final copy.
 Journals:  100 points                                                                                               
– includes all journal entries                                                                                                                                    – Five separate and different venues and dates
               – labeled with time, date, etc.
               – Grammatically sound

 – Creative and complete

Visual presentation project/collage: 50 points
–        Neat and concise pictures and layout                                                   /20
–        visible, visually creative and explanatory                                            /20

–        labeled correctly                                                                                    /10