Final conference paper

Final Conference Paper                                               Rough draft due: 4/25
CCP – Western Lit 2                                                  Final draft due: 4/29
Analytical Paper/Literary Review
As your final writing assignment for this class, you will write a paper that analyzes a topic relevant to the relations between literature, society, history, culture and gender. Your discussion should adequately analyze a complex topic by a means of breaking it into smaller parts to provide a more in-depth and thorough understanding of your analyses.
Your discussion should:

  • Present your position and research question on your chosen topic
  • Connect your argument to the relevant literature by claims and examples supporting and

contradicting your point; in other words situate yourself as a writer in a larger intellectual discussion of the issue

  • Support your claims with concrete evidence and analysis of your topic/argument
  • Conclude your original argument, which contributes to the ongoing discussions in

literature and preferably furthers them.

  • Adhere to MLA
  • Minimum of 5 pages of discussion excluding works cited. Please include all research articles with your final paper.

While expanding on your textual analysis/proposal for this final version, you will realize that the work you have done needs to be enhanced; your research might seem inadequate after you made your analysis. You need to research additional works and make use of at least five scholarly resources, like academic books or peer-reviewed journal articles. You can use popular sources such as newspaper or magazine articles in addition to these five scholarly sources but they may not serve as a primary source. For a shorter paper like this, I am not expecting you to do a complete review of the literature but rather focus distinctly and acutely on your main topic in association with your piece of literature. Remember, one of the key aspects of writing a well-researched argument is to find the balance between increasing the quality of your work and meeting the deadlines.
Needless to say, you will have to read, come to terms with, and annotate these sources before you can use them in your paper. Books and articles we read together as a class do not count towards that limit.
Good luck and ask questions.