Extra Credit

Extra Credit Review Instructions
Earn up to 25 points
Write a review on a live event, reading, performance, sporting event, or viewing that is of interest to you (if a movie it must be currently in the theaters and based on a true event or novel). **There are slightly different requirements for Holocaust – see Holocaust ec page.
You must answer three aspects in your review:

  1. Summarize the piece/event, etc.
  2. Give your evaluation of the piece – good, bad, etc.
  3. Compare it to some other known work as a frame of reference.
  4. Label each piece with the title of the assignment, the date, your name, class period and class.

The review may be typed or handwritten: one page typed single-spaced or two-page double-spaced.  It must be neat and meet all the requirements of a formal essay ( no contractions, etc.) as well as be free from grammatical and spelling errors, and submitted to turnitin.com to receive full credit.  These will be accepted any time during the 9-week grading periods but will not be accepted after the assigned deadline.  You are limited to two reviews per 9 week period and each review must be on a different subject area (i.e. you cannot do all your reviews on plays, or sporting events, etc.).