20th/21st century genocide project

HOLOCAUST                                                                                          Name:
20th/21st CENTURY GENOCIDES/ ETHNIC CLEANSINGS                Due date:
In the 20th and 21st centuries the world has unfortunately seen a number of genocides/ethnic cleansings occur. This project will be to research and present to the class information on one of these genocides.
AFRICA                                                                                EUROPE
Congo (genocide watch)                                                   Armenia (ONLY ONE pre-Holocaust)
Rwanda                                                                               Bosnia (include Srebrenica massacre)
Zimbabwe (genocide watch)                                           Kosovo
Sudan (south Sudan– Lost Boys through Darfur)       Chechnya
ASIA                                                                                       CENTRAL AMERICA
Afghanistan (Taliban)                                                          Guatemala
Tibet                                                                                        WORLDWIDE
Iraq (the slaughter of the Kurds, early 1990’s)                 21st century slavery
East Timor (Indonesia)
Syria (civil war, undeclared genocide)
China                                                                                       SOUTH AMERICA
ORAL PRESENTATION (100 points)  –
Alone or in a group of up to 4 people, you will select a country or area where genocide has       occurred, is occurring, or is in danger of occurring and will research and present the following:

  • Historical background of genocide: What and when? Historical background leading to the     conflict? Victims? Perpetrators (tried? sentenced? still living? etc.)? (15 points)
  • Bystanders and rescuers: Who reacted to help or not to help? Groups within the country      itself? US involvement? UN involvement? Other countries’ involvement? Humanitarian          or military aid? (15 points)
  • UN Genocide Pact Definition: What constitutes genocide in your country/area? (5 points)
  • Analysis: How does this genocide reflect or relate to the Holocaust? What could or                 should have been done in your country? Be specific (20 points)

FORMAT of presentation (45 POINTS) — GROUP

  • Oral presentation: factual, high interest level, main statistics, clear (20 points)
  • Visual aids: must include map of the country or area in its position in the world; close up     map with main areas of conflict marked; additional pictures for emphasis (must be cited     on prezi, sliderocket or powerpoint) (15 points)
  • MLA Works Cited Page: minimum 5 valid sources (at least 2 print sources), typed (10             points) MUST HAND IN TO TEACHER BEFORE PRESENTATION.
  • 10-12 minutes (approximately, including Q/A)  presentation per topic, all in group must participate

Accompanying the group oral presentation is an INDIVIDUAL, typed, MLA format personal response to    the genocide you studied.  *Remember you need to cite all material according to MLA; include Works Cited Page as well as parenthetical citations and images.
Include the following:
– How do you evaluate the world’s response? What specifically should have been done that    wasn’t? Were there any heroes you found – why or why not?  What lessons could or                 should have been learned from the Holocaust (or for Armenia, the converse) that were not applied to this genocide?  What lessons have you learned from your exploration of this genocide that could, should, or have been applied to the present world?