Book talk 1 and 2 directions (IRP)

Results of Hatred Name:
BOOK TALK #1, #2
Please complete and include the following criteria in your book talk. This is a dual assignment comprised of a written essay and class presentation. Be sure to create notes if you need them and you must turn in a hard copy of your essay as well as submit the final draft to For your “talk” in class you may not read directly off of your paper (create notes for reference for your discussion). Each section of your essay will be labelled as it is divided below:
Part 1: Summary:
Create a summary of the content of the novel – however this aspect should not be the bulk of your essay. The remainder of the questions should be answered in your class discussion; the summary is merely highlighting the content.
Part 2: Representative portion of the book:
Select a paragraph or small part of the book that you regard as the most important part of the book. Incorporate in your reflection and read to the class; explain and justify why it is the most important part of the book.
Part 3: Relationship to the class:
Link the content of the book to 2 concepts that you have learned in this class (such as hate, bystanders, rescuers, genocide denial or other equally important themes). Be specific.
Part 4: Recommendations:
Rank the book from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Explaining your justification for your evaluation why in very specific terms; also what audience would/would not like the book and why? Be specific.
Part 5: Works Cited:
Works cited page and entire document must be formatted according to MLA. Be sure to cite on your works cited page as well as parenthetically within the essay. Lack of works cited and/or in-text citations will result in a zero on your project.
Final draft and discussion due _____________________________
IRP Book title: ____________________________________________
Author: __________________________________________________
Notable quotes/passage: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________