extra credit

Extra Credit Rubric                                         Name:
Earn up to 25 points                                        Date:
Write a page review on a live event, reading, performance, political rally, independent film or documentary, or cultural symposium that is of interest to you.  You must answer three aspects in your review:

  1. Summarize the piece/event, etc.
  2. Give your evaluation of the piece – good, bad, etc.
  3. Compare it to some other known work as a frame of reference.
  4. Label each piece with the title of the assignment, the date, your name, class period and class.

The review must be typed and submitted to turnitin.com (500-1200 words).  It must be neat and meet all the requirements above as well as be free from grammatical and spelling errors to receive full credit.  These will be accepted any time during the 9-week grading period but will not be accepted after the assigned deadline.  You are limited to two reviews per 9 week period and each review must be on a different subject area (i.e. you cannot do all your reviews on plays, or film, etc.).