Forgiveness essay

The Sunflower                                                                                 Name:
Results of Hatred                                                                            Date:
Create a well-developed essay in which you examine the complex topics of forgiving, forgetting, and remembering, in respect to the crimes committed during the Holocaust. In your essay, you MUST attempt to answer each of the questions Simon poses at the end of The Sunflower.

  • Was my silence at the bedside of the dying Nazi right or wrong? Did I even have the right to forgive? What moral obligation do we have to remember? What should I have done?”

You must include the following in your essay:

  1. Support each of your answers with your own personal opinion as well by using specific events from the novel and making reference to the three pieces from the symposium you chose.
  2. Support each of your answers with personal opinion as well as opinion/facts from outside sources. Use at least (2) sources from the Symposium. You may also want to consider other religious, philosophical, and/or secular teachings when forming your opinions.
  3. Be sure to answer all parts of the questions in your writing.
  4. Use correct MLA citation (explained in class).
  5. Essay should be 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced (no exceptions).

You will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Adherence to prompt and answering questions thoughtfully and academically
  2. MLA citations, format, etc.
  3. Supporting your opinion with concrete text and research
  4. Showing thought and personal commitment to your writing.
  5. Academic writing and editing

Final essay due: __________________________________________________
***Remember if you need help you may share your essay with me or ask for help at any time prior to the assignment due date. If you would like me to critique your essay before you turn in the final, I must have a draft no later than two days before the final is due.
Final submissions must be submitted to on time to be considered for a grade.
Final essay is 100 points.