Other victims project

Other Victims: Research and Oral Presentation Group Project                           Due date:
For the Nazis the Jews were the ultimate enemy: Jews, by their mere presence, promoted racial and national decay; Jews infiltrated society and destroyed it from within.
Along with the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, 4 to 5 million other people were victims of systematic genocide as well. Certain specific groups were targeted by the Nazis:

  • Roma (gypsies)
  • Poles
  • Soviet POW’s
  • German mentally and physically disabled
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • German male homosexuals
  • Germans of African descent
  • Partisans/resistance

What were the Nazis thinking?

  1. Self-select a group of approximately 4 people. Remember: all people must participate. This will be a group grade.
  1. Your group will be assigned one of the Nazi targeted groups to research. You must utilize at least four sources, at least two being print sources (you may certainly use more than four). No Wikipedia or google search. In your research you need to gather the following material:
  • Definition of the group/previous historical prejudice or attacks against the group, if applicable
  • Why the group was targeted/ Nazi reasoning and perspective for persecution or elimination of the group
  • Specific laws created to target and/or eliminate this group
  • Outcome for this group, including numbers murdered or sent to camps – did the targeting or prejudice end after the Holocaust had ended?
  • How this group fits the legal definition of “genocide”
  1. Oral presentation to class
  • Each member of the group must present a portion of the information in your 8-10 minutes presentation. Your class presentation must be more detailed than the power point or poster you present to the class. Q/A included as part of your presentation. Remember: you are now the experts! (20 points)
  • You need a poster or tri-fold or power point to accompany your presentation (pictures are needed – reproduced documents are good – must be cited). (10 points)
  • You need a Works Cited page done in MLA format on your slide show and a hard copy to turn in. (10 points) **Although if the works cited is missing the project will result in a zero.

Some good and valid sources:
(library) 4 volume Holocaust Encyclopedia                  ushmm.org
(library and) Holocaust Chronicle                                   jewishvirtuallibrary.org
(Mrs. brust) pamphlets and articles                                  holocaustcenter.org