Lord of the Flies essay

Lord of the Flies essay Name:
Honors English 2 Due date:
Create a complete discussion regarding an aspect or aspects from Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Be sure to use specific examples (quotes and examples) to support your ideas.
Aspects to consider for the topic to discuss if you choose:
William Golding explores the use of symbolism throughout the novel as means of allegory to illustrate the breakdown of humanity and civilization. He seems to suggest that humans are inherently evil yet despite that evil compassion exists in chaos. What aspect of the allegory most interests you?
1. Create your own topic from the ideas we generated in class or utilize some variation of the statement above (or the same prompt we used in class – “the beastie”). Record your topic below:
2. Write an essay that supports or opposes this statement. First, make the argument that Golding either sees mankind as inherently evil or naturally good. Second, support that argument with examples (quotes) from the novel.
a. Essay must be a complete discussion
b. Adhere to MLA Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, Double Spaced, Appropriate Header and page numbers
c. Do not use personal pronouns or opinions (I, we, me, us, I think, I believe etc.)
d. Include a well-organized thesis statement that outlines your body paragraphs.
e. End with a thought-provoking conclusion.
**For this assignment I would like you to use the novel as your primary source. You may use the dictionary for a secondary source but no other sources are needed. **I would prefer that you do not use other sources on this essay – support with the text. ***Please see me if you have questions.
Novel citation:
Points to discuss:
Introduction: 15 points
• The introduction grabs the reader’s attention and provides frame of reference for material/topic
• The introduction gives a brief (1-2 sentences) summary of the novel
• The thesis statement expresses the point and direction of the essay – providing specific analysis and points for discussion.
Body of Discussion: 55 points
• Each body paragraph at least 3 supporting details.
• All parts of the question are answered thoroughly and accurately – your discussion refers back directly to the thesis
• Each body paragraph uses at least one quote from the text.
• Each quote is formatted properly in MLA format. Sentence introducing the quote “quotequotequote,” (Last Name #). Sentence relating the relevance of the quote to your discussion and thesis.
Conclusion: 10 points
• The conclusion does not start with “In conclusion,” “All in all,” or “Therefore.”
• The conclusion comes to a conclusion
• The conclusion ends with an intriguing or convincing general statement that makes the reader think
Mechanics/MLA/Grammar: 20 points
• The essay uses sophisticated language and style, and avoids repeating the same words over & over:
• The essay keeps verb tenses the same throughout the paper
• The essays avoids using passive voice. No “has done” instead use “did” or “does”
• The essay does NOT use personal pronouns (I, We, Us, You), questions, or thoughts (I think, I believe).
• The essay is edited for grammar mistakes, spelling, capitalization, punctuation etc. The title of the novel is always italicized.
Works Cited – entire paper is a “0” without
• Cited according to MLA
• All sources are in alphabetical order
Total: _____________/100 Comments: