Merlin questions

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Engl. 10

  1. How does the movie begin? Who is the first Christian King?
  2. Who is King Vortigern?
  3. Who are the Saxons? What affect does their presence have on Britain?
  4. Who is Queen Mab?
  5. Why does Mab Create Merlin? Why are the old ways disappearing?
  6. Who is Frik?
  7. Why does Mab need Ambrosia?
  8. Who does Merlin save in the woods? What happens as a result of this event?
  9. Who is Nimue’s father?
  10. What advice does Merlin warn himself not to do?
  11. Why doesn’t Merlin like magic?  What event causes him to swear vengeance against Queen Mab?
  12.  What was wrong with Vortigern’s castle?
  13. Who does Vortigern take as a prisoner?
  14. Who visits the soothsayer and what does she tell him to do?
  15. What is Merlin’s vision?
  16. What news does the messenger bring to Vortigern?
  17. Who does Merlin reunite with?
  18. What is the story that Nimue that Nimue tells Merlin?
  19. What does Queen Mab tell Vortigern he has to do in order to beat Uther?
  20. What happens to Nimue?
  21. What does Merlin ask from the Lady in the Lake? What does she give to him?
  22. How is Vortigern defeated?
  23. Who does Uther fall in love with? What happens as a result of his obsession?
  24. How is Arthur created? Who visits Morgan le Faye?
  25. What happens to Merlin and Arthur in the woods?
  26. What is Merlin’s vision of Camelot?
  27. How does Arthur prove he is the trueborn King of England?
  28. Who visits Arthur in disguise? What is her relation to Arthur? Who is created due to Arthur’s mistake?
  29. Whom does Arthur marry?
  30. Name at least three Knights of the Round Table. What is the purpose of the shape of the table?
  31. Where does Merlin travel in order to find a true knight in order to protect Camelot while Arthur is gone? Who is it?
  32. Who visits Nimue and what is her offer?
  33. Where does Arthur go? What is the purpose of his journey?
  34. What happens as a result of Arthur’s absence?
  35. Who comes to visit Arthur?  How is he related to Arthur? Who does he represent?
  36. What happens to Guinevere as a result of her actions? Who rescues her?
  37. What happens to Morgan Le Faye? How does Queen Mab punish Frik?
  38. What happens as a result of the anger between Mordred and Arthur?
  39. What deal does Nimue agree to? How does Merlin react and what happens in his absence?
  40. What happens to Arthur? Mordred? Excalibur?
  41. What does the Lady of the Lake explain about human beings and about himself to Merlin?
  42. How is Queen Mab defeated once and for all?
  43. Who does Merlin recognize in the crowd after telling his story?
  44. What is the name of Merlin’s horse?
  45. Who does he reunite with as the story comes to a close?