Mythbusters Project

Mythbusters Project                             Name:
Honors English 2/Brust                        Due

  1. Myth busters project 
  2. I. Project – Create a fully researched presentation detailing the evidence proving or debunking your myth and/or urban legend. You must have a minimum of three (3) sources total, at least one print source and all sources must be cited both in your notes and presentation.
  1. Your paper must include in text/parenthetical citations as well as a work cited page.  It must be double spaced, 12 pt. and typed – each member of your group will turn in an individual copy of notes.
  1. Your presentation must be a minimum 30 seconds to a maximum of 4 minutes.  It needs to include resources from your notes highlighting and adding to the credibility of your discussion, ie. “According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity affects 40% of the US population” and a works cited page as well as opening and closing credits.  Be sure each member of your group is evident and actively participating in your presentation/project.
  1. Topic – process and procedure to research your myth
  1. Explain the myth – Details and variations of the myth
  1. Origin of the Myth –  Original reason or story behind the myth – the actual event that created the myth
  1. Details that explain the origin – Adaptations of the myth as time progressed and details that explain the origin

III. Prove, Plausible, or Busted

  1. At least three tangible points that either prove or disprove your myth tagged and supported by evidence that supports your conclusion – Experiments and research evidence
  1. Conclusion
  1. Conclude your presentation by summing up your main points and arguments.
  1. Works Cited
  1. list sources in order alphabetically according to MLA format.

Final projects are due _____________________________.  You must turn in a hard copy of your of your notes as well as upload your final presentation to Youtube or email me a copy of your presentation.
Presentation will be graded based upon:                 Paper/Notes will be graded on: 
Presentation and transition of topic                            grammar/writing
Credibility of research                                              Credibility of research
Quality of presentation                                             MLA and format
Diction/style/audible content                                     quality of research
Format and group work evident                                 fluidity of thought/content
Prove/disprove/plausibility of myth                           Prove/disprove/plausibility of myth
Overall presentation                                                 Overall presentation