Shakespeare syllabus                                        Name:
Syllabus for Shakespeare2012
A. Brust
(This is a projected goal – dates and material are subject to change as time allows)


History of Shakespeare and language
History of the house of Tudor/Elizabeth
Theories of Shakespeare’s authenticity
Novel –Elizabethby Allison Weir
–         Historical plays/resources
The Famous History of the life of King Henry the Eighth
Elizabeth(pts. 1 and 2) – library resources
Richard III/video1
Henry V/video
Looking for Richard (video)
February – March
Tragedy – term/definition
The Rape of Lucrece
Venus and Adonis
ThePhoenixand the Turtle
Dramatic convention – delivery of monologue, soliloquy, aside for effect
Anachronisms in history – poetic license
Tragedies (plays)
            Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead/video
           Antonyand Cleopatra/video
            Julius Caesar/video
            The Tragedy of Coriolanus
            Troilus and Crisede
            Tristan and Isolde
Comedy, pun, farce, satire – define
Symbols used for comedy – comic relief
            Taming of the Shrew/video
            The Comedy of Errors/video
            The Merchant of Venice/video
            Twelfth Night/video
Modern Adaptations


Course Requirements and Materials:


Texts:  The Riverside Shakespeare
            Library Resources
            Shakespeare in the Classroom
            Exercerpts and critical analysis
Elizabeth by Alison Weir


Materials: composition notebook
Class folder – provided
            Pens, pencils
            Various props (TBA)
Common book – composition notebook



Common Book: Class journal that encompasses notes, assignments and reflections on material we cover and terminology associated with Elizabethan theatre.
–         notes and terms, reactions/observations, original pieces/writings, review of literary criticisms
–         common books will be collected and graded throughout the course.
–         should be organized, neat and free from loose papers, ripped pages, etc.
            All entries need to be labeled, dated and legible to receive credit.          
Group projects and performances: individual and group focus; adaptation, preparation, and presentation of material, performance accuracy based upon requirement – impromptu, reading, close readings, presentations, etc.
***There will be a project following completion of each play.
–         Projects will be graded based upon creativity, completion and adherence to criteria – each will be a total of 200 points.
Participation: reading, discussion, following directions and expression
            Each student will receive a daily participation grade.
Loss of points can result from lack of participation, disruption of presentations and/or unnecessary criticism of others – (aka heckling).
****Late/missed work will be in adherence to school policy – however if a project is assigned prior to absence it will be expected on the date it is due.